Corporate Events

Is your team looking to get outside for a different kind of meeting?

We can accommodate for small teams whether everyone is looking to learn a new skill, or up for a little more adventure, we can get your team on the water for an adventure that would suite everyone!

What to expect:

Whether your team is looking for a relaxing paddle to end off the work day, or looking for a more technical weekend paddle, we are open to working with you and your team to find the best paddling for everyone. 

To get outside of your comfort zone! Whether this is your first time or a pro, there is always something new to learn and experience. 

Your team will be a great support system to get everyone up and paddling!

We guarantee a good time and some good stories

Get your whole team on board and have fun learning new skills together

To book your corporate event, contact us here!

Winnipeg, Manitoba

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